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SolRox Rock Salt Granules 7Kg
SolRox Rock Salt Granules 7Kg
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SolRox Rock Salt Granules 3Kg
SolRox Rock Salt Granules 3Kg
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Aromatherapy (Earth)

Aromair use only aroma-therapeutic botanicals in their AromaCel range, chosen for their particular applications and lack of contra-indications, these are natural so called 'healing plants' and have been utilised by humankind for millenia, distilled into concentrated oil compounds and cleverly trapped in a shell for later use, water soluble and fabric safe, they 'cling' to the fibres and dry the outer shell, any friction will 'burst' the bubble and release the original botanical compounds. The shell material is a non toxic low grade polymeric.

AromaCel is designed for air and fabric applications and not skin use, the polymeric material may react in certain conditions and we recommend ceasing use and sea salt washes to restore skin condition, the polymeric material is neutral on fabric and in the air and has been shown to be effective with certain breathing conditions that may suffer from chemical or synthetic perfumes and fragrances.

We use distilled water in our household products due its purity and 'deadness', this ensures the AromaCels do not react with any impurities often found in filtered tap and spring water, its negative state aids the removal of airborne contaminants due to a natural 'clumping' effect of dirty airborne particles.

Halothery (Fire)

Rock salt crytsal (Halite) has a hygroscopic quality, effectively drawing moisture from the surrounding air and dragging dirty airborne particals towards it. The 'dirty' oxygen atoms can be anything from viruses, bacteria, smoke particles and electromagnetic pollution from electrical devices, TV's, Computers, etc. These are known scientifically as positively charged ions and are potentially bad for our health and wellbeing.

the posi-ions get closer to the lamp they naturally start to 'clump' or stick together, increasing their mass until they start to collapse and release the 'dirty' part of the atoms to ground. When this happens, the oxygen atom returns to its 'clean' or negatively charged state, this is similar air quality to Mountain, Oceans, Waterfalls and after Thunderstorms.

Importantly, there is also a secondary effect created called Speleotherapy which is the clean oxygen atoms with a seawater bias thus producing a sea air effect in the home. This is beneficial to health due to the nutrients and trace elements in seawater and the oxidising effects that break down the pathogens. Sea air reacts with so volatile organic compounds, pollution, etc, and effectively rusts to dust any unatural chemicals.

All of our crystal lamps come from large deposits predominantly from deep underground mines in central Poland and the advantage of deep mined crystal over say, Himalyan from Pakistan is that the crystalline structure is much more robust over time, Himalayan comes largely from 'surface' deposits (Geologically speaking the Himalaya is quite young in the scheme of things and is the result of two continents in collision, this not only created the Himalya but also pushed up the salt dome with it millions of years ago, the net result is the crystal is softer and has a tendency to dissolve much more quickly than its deeper cousin).

Thalassotherapy (Water)

Seawater is beneficial for a wide range of issues; skin, bone, muscle and our immune system. It revitalises our bodies, drawing in the life essential minerals in a natural non-intrusive way. SolRox is ancient concentrated pure, unadulterated crystals of sea water. Dissolved in water they are bio available to our bodies and absorb what they want, it is perfect for anytime and every malady. It is also Hygroscopic, which means it draws moisture from bodies, this is important with most applications that we offer and prolonged use requires a rebalancing of the body with additional liquids, however, our body is efficient at advising this just as our stomach tells us when we are hungry.

Thalassotherapy when warm can aid the absorbtion rate of the nutrients into our bodies and therefore is found to be useful in aches and pains, arthritis and rheumatism and speeding up the healing process (injuries, cuts, post operative, etc) and a host of other conditions.

When cool (not cold, unless you are very brave) it can help to remove heat from the body, the absorbtion rate for nutrients is slowed down but the heat rate is accelerated and is useful for burns, sunburn, bruising, inflammation, infection and hot flushes.

Spelotherapy (Sea air breathing)

When we are near the Ocean, we start to breathe in a rich mixture of minerals, nutrients and trace elements, it revives and injects our bodies with health and vitalty (a deck chair is optional) and cleanses our lungs. Speleotherapy is also associated with treatments in salt mine environments where patients visit to experience the rich sea air and dust free atmosphere.

Sea air, like sea water reacts with unatural elements and oxidises them, effectively breaking them down into basic constituents. Humans saline pyhsiology is virtually identical to sea air and we do not react with sea air, in fact, the net effect is to destroy any pathogenic dust material and replace any missing minerals at the same time.

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SolRox Rock Salt Chunks 3Kg
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